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    Welcome to Woodlawn Wellness Centre, your trusted destination for comprehensive and compassionate healthcare in Port Credit. Our dedicated team of experts is here to support your journey to better health and wellbeing. Discover a holistic approach to care at Woodlawn Wellness Centre.

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    Meet our dedicated team at Woodlawn Wellness Clinic is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care. Our family practice is staffed by highly experienced doctors who have been serving in the city of Mississauga for the past three decades. Our doctors offer a range of specialty services, including primary medical care, esthetic treatments, and rehabilitation and wellness.


    Dr. Andrew Ritchie
    Dr. Sam Lazare
    Dr. Fady Akladios
    Dr. Rand Yousif
    Dr. Moeen Imran
    Dr. Jennifer Beretta

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    Our family practice is currently staffed by the following family doctors:

    Dr. Fady Akladios

    family Doctor

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    Woodlawn Wellness

    The Woodlawn Wellness Medical Clinic is the newest family practice in the Port Credit community. Our goal is to provide our patients with multidisciplinary primary care to cover all your and your family’s medical needs. Our family practice is staffed by five highly experienced family doctors who have been serving in the city of Mississauga for the past three decades.


    Our family practice serves patients from newborns to the elderly, providing preventive medical care, acute medical care as well as after-hours care. The five physicians in our group are part of a family health organization model (FHO), which guarantees our patients after-hours care on all weekdays from 5-8pm as well as Saturdays 10am-1pm.


    Many of our family doctors provide specialty services as well including primary care dermatological services, minor skin procedures, and women’s health.


    In addition, our family practice offers pharmacy services to our patients, specialist care through our internists, chiropractic care, chiropody services, and psychotherapy.


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