Medical Devices


    Medical Devices

    Our range of medical devices is designed to enhance the comfort and recovery of individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal pain. We offer custom orthotics and medical-grade TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units for pain management and muscle relaxation. For joint support, we offer compression socks and ankle, knee and wrist braces. Our solutions are intended to enable an active and pain-free lifestyle, providing relief to users while empowering them to manage their conditions from the comfort of their homes. For our at-home pain management devices and products, please consult our chiropractor located in our clinic in Mississauga; contact us today.

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    Our Chiropractors

    Our team of chiropractors, led by Dr. Aisha, has over 13 years of combined experience in rehabilitative techniques and holistic care. We specialize in treating sports injuries, managing chronic pain, and correcting postural issues. Our goal is to provide personalized, non-invasive treatment plans that help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness.


    If you would like to contact our Chiropractor directly, please call 416-450-2545.

    Our Products


    Braces for joints such as the knee, ankle, wrist, and elbow offer invaluable support and stability to injured or weak joints. They promote safe movement and reduce the risk of further damage, providing essential protection and aiding rehabilitation.

    TENS Unit

    A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit is a versatile device that can assist with various conditions including pain management, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and relief from nerve pain.